Mount Mourne Volunteer Fire Department Exterior

We Need A Station. Now What?

Bobbitt article published in the Carolina Fire-Rescue-EMS Journal

If you are like most fire chiefs, you may often think — more likely dream — about building a new fire station. You make a mental checklist of all the things you’d want or need to have once you get the chance to build. Then, your service area grows or your current station is simply on its last leg, and you finally get the greenlight to start the planning process. Now what?

Unless you are in the rare minority, the budget you have to design and build the station is not enough to cover that ever-expanding checklist you’ve developed. In some cases, it’s barely even enough to build the building. So, you can’t afford to waste your valuable resources in the planning process. By choosing a design-build delivery method for your building, you can develop your plan while still maintaining an eye on the overall budget goal.

Even with design-build delivery, your best-laid plans are likely to change, requiring adjustments to achieve your goals. The key is to maintain flexibility in the early stages of planning, so you can take the challenges that arise and make positive changes that still benefit your department.

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