BQuarterly – Winter 2019

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Before joining Bobbitt, my previous finance roles were in areas of residential building, as well as commercial engineering and subcontracting. However, I did not have direct experience in design-build commercial construction. In the three years I’ve been with Bobbitt, here’s what I’ve learned.

Bobbitt values integrity. Even in the finance world, where you would think numbers would be black and white, there is always gray. Companies are typically willing to use these gray areas to justify decisions that benefit them. For example, in every industry I’ve been in, people over promise and under deliver. That is not the Bobbitt way. Bobbitt will always set realistic expectations for our clients. When we provide a budget, customers can be sure that all factors are considered, and we will deliver on our promises. In fact, we are willing to walk away from a job if the customer is asking for something that isn’t achievable. It’s hard to watch revenue walk away, but with Bobbitt, the pain of losing our integrity is greater. If the customer is happy and we have kept our integrity, then financial success will follow.

With design-build, customers get lasting value. When I started to understand what design-build is and how it works, it became so obvious how much better and less expensive it is compared to GC-only projects. This is not common knowledge, but much of the cost in building is in the purchase and development of the land and in upfront planning. At Bobbitt, we have in-house architects working alongside our civil engineer and construction manager, enabling the budget to drive design. Our team focuses on constructability from concept, resulting in huge advantages in quality, cost and speed of delivery for our customers.

We value relationships in all directions – our clients, subs and employees. Not only do we deliver incredible value to our customers, but we also treat our subcontractors fairly and pay faster than any other contractor in the area. We therefore attract and retain the best subs in the business. When it comes to our employees, Bobbitt’s business structure is proof of our commitment. Every employee is able to take part in the success of the company through our ESOP, and that’s a very sweet model.

We’re not always perfect, but if a mistake is made, we own it. We have skilled employees and subcontractors who have worked for Bobbitt for decades, and our proven processes ensure smooth project delivery – from conception to owner occupancy. But if there ever is an issue on a job, we own it and we fix it. We are the single source taking full responsibility of every project.
Bobbitt always strives to be better. Bobbitt’s embrace of change reminds me of my grandpa, a farmer, who lived by the mantra “ITABWODI.” A saying painted on the side of a grain bin at the Menold Pork Farm, this was a constant reminder to always ask “Is there a better way of doing it?” The construction industry is undergoing major changes – technology, regulatory, environmental, labor shortage, building material costs. This is an exciting time, because at Bobbitt, we have the opportunity and the cultural mindset to influence the future.

Josh Menold
Chief Financial Officer