Creston EMS Station

Bobbitt Design Build completed construction on the new 2,146-square-foot Creston EMS Station. The project is located on Old Number Six Highway 127 in Cameron, S.C., and serves Calhoun County and surrounding communities.

Bobbitt designed the building for easy maintenance, with the use of an architectural metal roof and wall panels, a wainscot of brick for increased durability, and features that blend with the rural surroundings. The new building – complete with sleeping quarters, restroom/showers, day room and break room – is the home for full-time EMS personnel and two emergency response vehicles, to include a helicopter pad for medical evacuations.

The rural location of the facility was a challenge as water and sewer were not available. Due to the fact that water was not available, it required the design of water storage tanks fed by a commercial well capable of providing the sprinkler system with the required amount of water to operate effectively.

“We chose Bobbitt based on their qualifications and past experience in construction for fire and rescue,” said Lee Prickett, Calhoun County Administrator. “We were impressed with the ease and effectiveness of the design build process, quality of construction, quality of design and building functional layout.”


Cameron, S.C.

Square Footage

2,146 sq ft


Fire & Rescue