Warrenton Rural Volunteer Fire Department

Warrenton Rural Volunteer Fire Department serves the Central Warren Fire District and the Town of Warrenton. Warrenton Rural, founded in 1956, and the Warrenton Fire Department, founded in 1868 and the oldest operating African American volunteer fire department in our state, consolidated in 2004. Warrenton Rural currently consists of 25 volunteer fire fighters and first responders.

Bobbitt collaborated with Chief Walter M. Gardner, Jr., in 2006 to build Warrenton’s new fire station located on South Main Street. One of the design challenges was to make the new structure, located in the historic downtown area, aesthetically fit in with the surrounding buildings. Elements such as second story windows were used to accomplish this. The 13,540-square-foot facility allowed for all apparatus and state-of-the-art equipment to be housed inside the facility, which also doubles as a local emergency shelter for the community.

“We are always excited to provide others an opportunity to come view our station, and we brag on and recommend Bobbitt to other fire departments on a regular basis,” said Chief Gardner. Bobbitt Design Build extends congratulations to Gardner who was selected as the 2008 Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year for all of North Carolina.


Warrenton, N.C.

Square Footage

13,540 sq ft


Fire & Rescue