Blue Line Aviation

The Blue Line Aviation project consists of a three-story steel framed structure and two pre-engineered metal building hangar structures separated by a freestanding CMU firewall. The three-story building houses a flight school with supporting flight operations and an inhouse flight simulator, Blue Line Aviation corporate offices and a restaurant on the third floor. Hangar #1 is 8,023 square feet, Hangar #2 is 9,577 square feet and both have 70’ x 20’ Hydro Swing doors. Both hangars are designated for aircraft storage. There are many aircraft inspired features in the building leaving now doubt this project is aviation inspired.

The blue high sloping roof over the restaurant looks like an aircraft wing. The two external, three story latticed columns, are reminiscent of bi-plane wing struts. The curved atrium walls resemble the cabin of a modern day passenger aircraft.


Smithfield, NC

Square Footage

17,600 sqft


Government & Community