Safety is our greatest priority

Bobbitt’s COVID-19 Task Force

In times like these, we want you to know that you can count on us. We want to share with you what our response has been to COVID-19. We immediately acted on our emergency action plan and set up a task force to monitor the events daily. We have been vigorously monitoring local, state, and federal recommendations and directives. It has been our goal to follow every directive and ensure the safety of our employees, clients, partners and subcontractors.

Safety is a part of our culture, more than just a core value.  It is a daily part of who we are and how we think. Ron McKenzie, our full-time Safety Director, has over 30 years of experience in the industry managing safety. We are grateful he is leading education with our field operations around how to respond and keep our job sites as safe as possible.  We are also working closely with our trade associations to share knowledge and best practices across the industry.

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See our COVID-19 policies & procedures Bobbitt's Protocol

A message from our Safety Director

It is our goal to keep things fully operational and be prepared to serve your needs. Should guidelines change, we are preparing to keep you up to date as we move forward.

We are following the CDC and local authorities’ guidelines, including:

  • Daily field safety meetings including dissemination of CDC guidelines and postings on the job sites
  • Employees have been strongly advised to stay home or go home if they feel sick for any reason and to report directly to their manager and human resources
  • Moving internal face-to-face meetings to conference calls and webinar sessions
  • Educating all employees in “social distancing” protocol
  • Postponing all training sessions, both internal and external
  • Educating our employee-owners on proper hygiene practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Increased cleanings in the office and job sites
  • Self-monitoring and evaluations to assure that workers are not exposing others
  • Travel has either been suspended or greatly limited unless there is a business need to travel to/from our job sites. Attendance at conferences or large gatherings has been canceled until we have clear direction from the CDC and local authorities.

It is Bobbitt’s position that safety will continue to be who we are and how we conduct ourselves. We will do all we can to prioritize your health and wellness while striving for minimal disruption to your project. As we begin to communicate more virtually over the coming weeks, we all will work together through any challenges that arise.

For those who have been directly impacted and are sick, our thoughts and prayers are with them. We are grateful for all those who are serving to keep us protected. Until things get back to normal, please let us know how we can support you.

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