Internship Program Helps Foster Construction Workforce of the Future

Bobbitt Design Build continues to grow and enhance its Summer Internship Program with the goal of fostering the growth of future construction professionals. The program introduces students to the transition from college to work and allows for personal and professional development. 

Meet Bobbitt’s 2019 summer interns

Bobbitt welcomes three college students for 2019 summer internships: Manan Shah, a graduate student at Clemson University, and Ryan Stevens and Michael Russell who are both rising seniors at East Carolina University.

Michael Russell

Michael will be a senior at East Carolina University in the fall and is an intern at the North Carolina Bobbitt office. He is majoring in Construction Management and will graduate in spring 2020. Michael enjoys playing tennis and golf in his free time. 

His long-term career goal is to work for Bobbitt full time, working his way up to Project Manager. 

Michael pursued an internship with Bobbitt because he found the idea of an ESOP interesting and liked that Bobbitt is a design-build firm. He says, “I’ve learned a lot working in the field, but I would have to say the most important thing that I’ve learned so far are management techniques and interpersonal skills that we’ve discussed in the classroom. I haven’t had an opportunity to see them in the real world until now.”

Manan Shah

A graduate student at Clemson University, Manan is completing his internship at the South Carolina Bobbitt office. He is pursuing a Master’s in Construction Engineering and Management, graduating in summer 2020. Manan enjoys outdoor activities, such as trekking and soccer. He is a huge Liverpool FC fan. He also likes to read and intends to learn Spanish. 

His long-term career goals are to become a successful Project Manager and start his own company in real estate development. He decided Bobbitt would be the perfect learning environment to help him achieve his goals. 

Manan says that everything he is learning on site is valuable. He states, “I am learning more in the field than I could ever in class. I like working for Bobbitt because of the diversity in jobs, staff and the work environment. Everyone on the job site as well as in the office is approachable and willing to help. It’s a great company from which to learn.”

Ryan Stevens 

An intern in the N.C. office, Ryan is a rising senior at East Carolina University. He will graduate in May 2020 with a degree in Construction Management with a minor in Business Administration. Outside of school and work, he enjoys being outdoors. Ryan loves to hunt, fish and play disc golf. 

Ryan first met Bobbitt at the ECU Career Fair in the fall of 2018. Knowing he wanted to work in Raleigh, he decided to research Bobbitt a little more. After talking with company representatives at the career fair, Bobbitt shot to the top of his list. He liked the fact that Bobbitt has been around for a long time and has an excellent reputation. 

Ryan says that one of the most valuable things he has learned so far is using different equipment. He has had the opportunity to use and operate various machinery that he would not be able to do in the classroom. Ryan says, “Bobbitt is almost like a family business, and I have felt included in that family. I have really enjoyed the summer working at Bobbitt so far.” 

How Bobbitt interns spend their summer

The Bobbitt Summer Internship Program gives students practical experiences in construction management. Working alongside Bobbitt’s skilled team, interns are presented with real-word experiences and training to develop life-long skills that build on classroom learning. The internship is heavily focused on providing meaningful benefits to the students, as well as the company.  

During the structured summer program, interns will be exposed to the different construction management processes in both the office and the field. Observing and participating in all departments of a typical construction workplace, the interns are supported by Bobbitt employees who provide training and mentoring.  

Another key aspect of the Bobbitt Summer Internship Program is the ability to network with industry professionals, enabling interns to better evaluate career decisions moving forward. The goal of the internship program is to support the career development of the next generation.