Magellan Charter School

The mission of Magellan Charter School is to provide an academically focused educational opportunity for highly motivated students in grades three through eight. Since its inception in 1997, the school has been designated a School of Excellence by the State of North Carolina.

To provide the ideal environment to continue this learning experience, Bobbitt completed a new, two-story building for Magellan. The facility is over 42,000 square feet and situated on eight acres in North Raleigh.

One of the building’s unique features is the Magellan nautical theme that Bobbitt incorporated into the design. Another feature includes the use of Koretech structural foam panels for the exterior walls. These panels add tremendously to the construction of the building, as well as enhance sound attenuation. Bobbitt also worked with acoustical consultants to dramatically increase the sound attenuation between classrooms, enabling the students and teachers to concentrate in their classroom without distractions.

When the school was selecting a design build contractor, they chose Bobbitt because of its experience with schools and other learning facilities, as well as its customer-oriented approach.


Raleigh, N.C.

Square Footage

42,000 sqft


Education & Day Care