Woods Charter School

Woods Charter School is a K-12 public school founded by parents. Open to all North Carolina students, tuition is free. Woods Charter is ranked sixth in SAT scores in North Carolina, with a graduation rate of 91.3% and more than 90% of seniors accepted into four-year universities.

Offering 12 Advanced Placement courses and personalized college counseling assistance, Woods Charter has a mission that includes creating an environment where each student is well known by his or her teachers and peers and is encouraged and challenged as an individual.

To provide an ideal environment and continued success for students, Bobbitt completed a new, fully-equipped, two-story building for Woods Charter. The facility is 65,000 square feet, located on Woodland Grove Lane in Chapel Hill.

The building incorporates a lodge look with a gymnasium, auditorium and new chemistry, biology and physics labs. The site design included a wet pond, parking lot and soccer field. Bobbitt delivered the project within budget and on a very aggressive schedule. The new school enables growth while maintaining the special one-on-one culture of Woods Charter School.

When the school was selecting a design build contractor, they chose Bobbitt because of related experience with schools and other learning facilities, including The Magellan Charter School.


Chapel Hill, N.C.

Square Footage

65,000 sqft


Education & Day Care