Southeastern Freight Line

Bobbitt completed the new Southeastern Freight Lines facility in Durham, North Carolina, as a design-build project. The new service center has a 16,000-square-foot service building as well as a 51,000-square-foot terminal building, which includes a mezzanine. The dock of the terminal is designed with berths to accommodate 97 trucks and can be expanded by up to 150 doors. The entire site is nearly 44 acres and was designed using a master site plan to include a future 15,000-square-foot maintenance facility.

Bobbitt worked with Southeastern Freight Lines to upgrade its standard building designs, improving energy efficiency and enhancing the environment for employees. The new facility meets LEED V2.2 standards but will not be certified.


Durham, NC

Square Footage

67,000 sqft


Industrial & Distribution, Service & Retail