Construction management – overseeing your commercial building project

While Bobbitt has its roots in design-build, we are also offer other construction delivery methods for the development of your commercial, educational, religious or industrial facility. We have the technical capability and financial stability to act as your advocate and join with your design team to manage your project for timely, on-budget completion. With Bobbitt as your construction management company, partnering with your talented designers, you will achieve the results you desire.

Construction management delivery methods

Construction management is a project delivery method that delivers higher project value than the traditional general contracting or design-bid-build approach. The CM process flows from the design of the site and building, to the bidding of materials and trades, all the way through construction to the dedication or commissioning of your facility. With Bobbitt as your construction manager, we are brought into this process early – as a partner in the project. As the process moves along, relationships and trust are built between all members of the team.

Construction manager at risk

As your construction manager at risk (CM@R), Bobbitt’s role is similar to that of a general contractor. The owner has a single contract with our company, whereby we engage all subcontractors, oversee their work and ensure high-quality, on-time project delivery.

However, a major difference between a CM@R and a general contractor is the fee arrangement. As your CM@R, Bobbitt will provide a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for the project, so the owner knows the cost before construction begins.

Unlike general contracting, as your CM@R, Bobbitt brings a great deal of value at the outset of the project — by contributing specific knowledge and foresight to save you time and money in the long run. Working as a team member with you and your architect, we are able to identify possible constructability issues, advise on material sourcing issues and scheduling conflicts, and continually monitor the budget. This focus on cost and schedule at an early stage is the particular advantage of the CM@R approach when compared to general contracting.

Construction manager as owner's agent

A building owner may choose to engage Bobbitt as the construction manager as owner’s agent (CMa) – a fee-based service – during the design phase of a project. In this scenario, we lend our expertise in estimating, constructability review and other pre-bid services. However, as CMa, we do not perform any of the actual construction and don’t directly enforce the contracts of those performing the work.

As a CMa, Bobbitt’s role is to assist with scheduling and coordination, constructability review of the design, non-binding estimating, value engineering recommendations, observation of the work for conformance with the contract, project documentation and other similar activities.

Let Bobbitt’s construction management team put their experience, skill and technology to work for you on your upcoming project.


Construction management based on 75 years of expertise

  • Clear Communication to ensure smooth project flow
  • Value Engineering to find optimal solutions
  • Constructability Reviews to reveal potential issue early in the process
  • Cost Estimating based on historical and predictive modeling
  • Project Tracking & Reporting using Procore® construction management software
  • Quality Control with attention to the details
  • Scheduling & Planning using Microsoft Project for on-time delivery
  • Subcontractor Selection & Oversight to manage costs and quality
  • Job Site Safety that goes beyond compliance

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