Construction management – overseeing your commercial building project

While Bobbitt has its roots in design-build, we are also offer popular construction management delivery methods for the development of your commercial, educational, religious or industrial facility. We have the technical capability and financial stability to act as your advocate and join with your design team to manage your project for timely, on-budget completion. With Bobbitt as your construction management company, partnering with your talented designers, you will achieve the results you desire.

Construction management delivery methods

Construction management is a project delivery method that delivers higher project value than the traditional general contracting or design-bid-build approach. The CM process flows from the design of the site and building, to the bidding of materials and trades, all the way through construction to the dedication or commissioning of your facility. With Bobbitt as your construction manager, we are brought into this process early – as a partner in the project. As the process moves along, relationships and trust are built between all members of the team.

Why would a client need or hire a construction manager at risk?

Most clients do not have the resources, personnel or time to look after and coordinate the many facets of a building project from pre-construction through construction. This work requires a dedicated CM@R construction partner for the specific and focused attention that the project needs.

A qualified construction manager lifts this burden from the client and works side by side with the architect and design team. The “At Risk” places the burden on the construction manager to manage the project within the client’s budget. The partnering of good designers and good construction managers can produce the desired result for any client – a completed quality project on budget and on time.

What is construction management as owner's agent

A building owner may choose to engage Bobbitt as the construction manager as owner’s agent (CMa) – a fee-based service – during the design phase of a project. In this scenario, we lend our expertise in estimating, constructability review and other pre-bid services. However, as CMa, we do not perform any of the actual construction and don’t directly enforce the contracts of those performing the work.

As a CMa, Bobbitt’s role is to assist with scheduling and coordination, constructability review of the design, non-binding estimating, value engineering recommendations, observation of the work for conformance with the contract, project documentation and other similar activities.

Why choose Bobbitt as your construction manager?

With 70+ years of successful commercial projects and experienced project managers and superintendents on staff, Bobbitt can tackle any project. No one will work harder on a your project team than Bobbitt, because project success is in our DNA. We have produced a history of successful projects as a construction manager focusing on these primary elements:

  • Alignment and Communication – becoming a strategic partner in the project from the start and keeping flowing communication with you and your design team. We are all on the same team.
  • Cost Models and Estimates – Continual cost modeling throughout pre-construction with you and the designers after each design iteration. No one gets off-track.
  • Constructability Reviews and Value Engineering – Ongoing constructability reviews with the team and discussions about cost-saving measures that do not compromise quality. Finding the best, most efficient way to do something.
  • Technology and Project Tracking – Using the latest PROCORE construction management technology during pre-construction and construction to ensure project flow and tracking. Everyone is on the same page.
  • Quality Control – Making sure your project reflects the quality you desire incorporated in the design and the execution of the work. Everyone wants a great looking building.
  • Subcontractor Outreach & Qualifications – Making sure that diverse and qualified subcontractors who have the knowledge and staffing required are hired for your project. No slackers.
  • Scheduling and Staffing – Development of a logistics plan and use of technology and relationships to properly staff your project for success. The right material and right manpower at the right time.
  • Risk Management and Safety – Adequately identifying the project risks, developing a plan to mitigate or manage them and ensuring safety for all members of the project. Everyone goes home safe each day.

Contact Bobbitt to meet with our construction management personnel and visit some of our completed projects. We take on the hassles of construction planning and execution so you can stay focused on what’s important to you, your business!


Construction management based on 75 years of expertise

  • Clear Communication to ensure smooth project flow
  • Value Engineering to find optimal solutions
  • Constructability Reviews to reveal potential issue early in the process
  • Cost Estimating based on historical and predictive modeling
  • Project Tracking & Reporting using Procore® construction management software
  • Quality Control with attention to the details
  • Scheduling & Planning using Microsoft Project for on-time delivery
  • Subcontractor Selection & Oversight to manage costs and quality
  • Job Site Safety that goes beyond compliance

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