When you are ready to build, choose a general contractor poised for success

If you already have your architect and drawings and you’re ready to build, Bobbitt can be your go-to general contractor. We begin a general contracting project by engaging in a negotiated bid or submitting a hard bid based on the owner’s complete set of construction documents. We understand the bidding process and will offer solid numbers based on a clear job scope.

Expert general contracting relies on a solid team

Bobbitt’s approach to general contracting emphasizes an experienced team that manages the day-to-day construction process and drives the project to completion according to plans. Our field team consists of a superintendent dedicated to your project, a superintendent manager who completes a quality audit at each visit, and a job site safety manager who provides a start-up safety audit and visits the site on an ongoing basis. With our strong trade relationships, we hire and manage the scheduling of all subcontractors, coordinating their work and ensuring quality throughout the project.

While a general contractor is chosen primarily based on their bid, Bobbitt’s mindset as a construction manager allows us to be a team player on your project. We never lose sight of providing a positive project experience for every owner we work with.


General contracting based on 75 years of expertise

  • Clear Communication to ensure smooth project flow
  • Project Tracking & Reporting using Procore® construction management software
  • Quality Control with attention to the details
  • Scheduling & Planning using Microsoft Project for on-time delivery
  • Subcontractor Selection & Oversight to manage costs and quality
  • Job Site Safety that goes beyond compliance

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