Ensuring success for your building renovation or fit-up

Every existing structure comes with its own unique set of circumstances – from location and ease of access to age and condition of the building. Therefore, there’s no one-size-fits-all method for renovations. You may be seeking to upgrade the appearance of your building to a more modern design. If your building currently meets your functional needs, flows well, and no additional space is required, then a cosmetic renovation will likely achieve your goals. However, if you need to grow the building’s capacity and functionality, further assessment will be needed to determine if the building can be renovated to accommodate your needs.

Regardless of the approach and scope, Bobbitt helps our clients evaluate renovation options to get the most out of their space. Check out our Renovation/Fit-Up portfolio and see a sampling of renovations before and after.



While most people think of Bobbitt as an expert in new construction, we also have a dedicated renovations team that delivers more than 25 fit-up projects each year. Tackling a wide variety of commercial and industrial building projects, we use our proven construction management expertise to successfully complete renovations for clients in many different industries.


Choosing building fit-up vs. new construction?

The renovations team at Bobbitt has encountered hundreds of factors that can come into play when considering a renovation project vs. new construction. Start by:

  • Analyzing condition of existing building
  • Assessing environmental aspects
  • Striving for optimal energy efficiency
  • Planning for business operation during construction

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