Hoke County Building A Multi-Use Space with a Purpose

Hoke County Building: A Multi-Use Space with a Purpose

When Bobbitt broke ground on the Hoke County Agricultural Building back in September 2019, we knew we were creating a space that would benefit the Hoke County community in multiple ways. The county chose Bobbitt to execute the design and construction when they decided to replace outdated facilities. The county needed a facility that would not only house meetings for various departments and community events but also be versatile enough to use for emergency operations. With a long-time county commissioner as the building’s namesake, the Robert A. Wright Hoke County Agricultural Building was built.

Designing to a vision

Hoke County was always very clear about what they wanted: a multi-purpose space that could be used for a variety of meetings and activities. Accommodating programs such as the co-op service, soil and water conservation, and a new community center were top of their list. On top of that, the county wanted to use the space as an emergency operation center where police and the fire officials can set up a temporary command center in the event of a disaster. The facility would also be used as a shelter, housing displaced people in emergency situations.

To meet the needs of the client, Bobbitt built a large gathering room that features folding partitions with the capability for the space to be turned into four separate and equal rooms. Hoke County residents can even rent out the space for weddings and events.

Building a solid structure

A building that may be used as an emergency command center and that can shelter displaced residents requires the strength to hold up against the weather conditions of a natural disaster, so first responders and community members can remain safe. Bobbitt treated this project as an essential facility to ensure it would stay intact during severe weather. The facility was built using impact-resistant glass, a heavy laminated glass designed to withstand the impact of windblown objects. The co-op demonstration kitchen can be converted into the command center with emergency generators in place that can power the whole facility. Bobbitt used a Butler pre-engineered metal building designed to the requirements of a Risk Category IV Essential Facility to ensure the safety of the occupants.

Overcoming challenges

While Bobbitt was tasked with building the new facility on a campus with existing buildings, after careful planning and consideration, nothing was displaced and no operations were interrupted during construction. Hoke County also wanted the new building to blend in with the existing building architecture to match the nearby Health and Human Services building. Bobbitt delivered what they were looking for due to open and ongoing communication system.

Furthermore, Hoke County asked for a full size drop off area in order to handle buses for the shelter capabilities. This was a challenge with the scale of the building and the pre-engineered system. With the design and construction teams working together, Bobbitt was able to make it happen.

The weather and the Covid-19 pandemic were also a constant challenge throughout the construction process. The project manager was forced to make continued modifications to the construction schedule and work through these barriers for a successful completion.

The final steps

With the facility near completion, Hoke County has been extremely pleased with the success of the project delivery, and county officials are excited to get their new facility up and running. There are plans for a mural inside the new building of the county commissioners who helped turn this facility into reality.

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View the Hoke County Building progress HERE.